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The recipe for jerseys.

Different strokes for different folks to wear and collect.
Be careful about the storage method.


Choose a theme.

You should gradually increase the collection. Your favorite team, player or competition and the like. Nothing beats this.

1993-95 FC Barcelona
2000-01 FC Barcelona
2005-06 FC Barcelona
2010-11 FC Barcelona
2015-16 FC Barcelona

by team(Ex.:FC Barcelona)

1998 manchester Beckham
2006 real madrid Beckham
2009 AC Milan Beckham
PSG Beckham
2001 England Beckham

by player(Ex.:David Beckham)

1998 France Zidane
2002 Brazil Ronaldo
2006 Italy Nesta
2010 Spain Xavi
2014 Germany Gotze

by competition(Ex.:FIFA World Cup)

An ideal size.

Of course it depends on the purpose.
You should choose the size that fits your body if you wear it.

We recommend L or XL to display because Smaller size is a bit lacking and huge size does not fit for hangers and Frames.
However, do not miss the uncommon jersey, irrespective of sizes.



Condition is a very impotant thing and delicate matter.

Keeping the condition is always a nerve-wracking affair, but it can be thought of as a point that tells history just like the rings of a tree.

Please have fun the jersey road including the lowest deterioration over time as the grace. 


Storage method.

Your important stuff.
Maximize the appeal of jerseys.


On a hanging rack.

with the jersey sleeve


vs. lose shape:★★☆☆☆

vs. UV:★★★★☆

vs. humidity:★☆☆☆☆

vs. heat:★☆☆☆☆

vs. dust:★★★★☆

We recommend an anti-skid and thick hanger as much as possible.
Protecting by this jersey sleeve is preferable, but you should be careful about printed part when the rack become high density because the breeze does nut flow well through a closet and the air gets really stuffy. Please exchange the air regularly especially in summer.

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On a hanging rack.

In your room.

with the jersey tree

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vs. lose shape:★★★★☆

vs. UV:★★★☆☆

vs. humidity:★★★★☆

vs. heat:★★★★☆

vs. dust:★★★★☆

This jersey tree is designed at a optimum angle and it has a potential for keeping in shape.

The intensity of ultraviolet rays is in the order of direct sunlight> fluorescent lamp> LED.
Pease leep away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

In your room

Display a framed jersey.

with the jFrame.


vs. lose shape:★★★★☆

vs. UV:★★★★★

vs. humidity:★★★★☆

vs. heat:★★★★☆

vs. dust:★★★★★

This is the final stage and the heaven for jerseys.
You should choose the most suitable frame to look fantastic for your jersey.

Moreover, there are times when nothing worries if the chosen frame has UV protection.

ユニフォーム フレーム
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Display a framed.

In a dresser drawer.


vs. lose shape:★☆☆☆☆

vs. UV:★★★★★

vs. humidity:★☆☆☆☆

vs. heat:★☆☆☆☆

vs. dust:★★★★☆

You might think that you keep a jersey in your permanent collections at the cost of decorating.

However, It is very common to backfire it.

We hope you enjoy the jersey road by the best storage method for you.

In a dresser drawer.
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