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Jerseum Store

from the store.

① At your home

The area within the red circle and the area within the blue circle on the map below are guidelines for visiting areas. 

The service is to purchase "30 or more" in the red circle and "100 or more" in the blue circle in principle.

② Minimum Quantity

Transport cost is free. (We’ll let you know a rough estimate before visiting.)

③ Payment

This service is limited to customers who can sell "150 or more" as for remote islands in principle.

④ Remote islands ?


Subject area.

There are cases where business trips are possible in non covered areas.


Please make an inquiry once.

■Help Line


■Business Hours

11:00 a.m. - 19:00 p.m.

Please fill in the required information to the form below and click the "Send" button to complete.

Specialist in charge will call you back soon.

* We may not be able to meet your request regarding the date and time.
* Please note that we do not contact you by e-mail except for unavoidable circumstances.
* Your request may be canceled automatically, if there is no contact within one week after applying from the form below.

Application form
Jerseum Store
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