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Jerseum Store

You can send your jerseys to our store post-free.
First of all, please order the application form below.


① Order the form

Please request the application form below. We will send it by mail as soon as possible.


② Send your jerseys

Please bundle the jerseys you want to sell and the application form, and send it by the invoice we sent before.

③ Phone notification

We will immediately assess it and inform you the total amount by phone. (the return shipping fee will be borne by the customer)

④ Bank transfer

The total amount will be transferred to your bank account within 2 business days after completing the purchase.

Aapplication form

After application

*We do not send automatic replys.
We will inform you of the completion of reception by displayed message that switches after clicking the "Send" button.

We will send you the documents by mail within a few days.


【Notes on application form】
・Please be sure to check the entered information before sending.
・It is an exclusively application form for delivery purchase. Please call to the physical store if you have any other questions.

・Personal information provided by customers will not be used for anything other than shipping and contacting products.


【Please Confirm】
For ages 18 and up. 
Parental consent form is required for the customer under 18.


【Contact Us】
・Reception hours: 11: 00-19: 00

Jerseum Store
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