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Replica Jersey

The most common grade.

Wearing? Collecting?

This is the highroad.

It is a mass production that main purpose is to sell to general fans.

Basically it is not worn by professional players in official games.



Various uses.

This kind of jersey has recently become well established in the fashion industry, not only soccer fans.

It's really useful in summer because it's made from light and quick-drying materials.

In the end, it will be very useful at home as sleeping gear, DIY and anytime.

So it is great value for money.

パジャマ ユニフォーム
アウトドア ユニフォーム


One of the attractions is the high durability considering repeated wearing and washing.
Of course, we also recommend this for practice and futsal.

However ...


You have to be careful when washing or folding for a long time in particular, because the sponsor part is often crimped with rubber material recently.


The highroad and a standard in the jersey industry.

There are also many collectors who collect only various blank jerseys, not favored teams or favorite players.

It can be a source of concern for collectors who want to complete all types because of the wide variety of jerseys.
Of course, you can enjoy it as a interior handily.

ホーム ユニフォーム
アウェイ ユニフォーム
3rd ユニフォーム
4th ユニフォーム
Authentic Jersey

A higher-graded genuine style.

Aim High.

Authentic jersey is sold at a mass retailers in addition to a sports shop like Replicas.
There are many things in common with Player Issue such as materials and sewing methods.



Advanced features.

The embodiment of production engineering that can be said to be a battle for the prestige of each supplier.

Developing new materials is common almost every year nowadays.

It has been rearranged for selling, but the materials and sewing methods are very close to Player Issues.

Handle with care.

soccer jersey has accelerated weight saving and made by thin fabric and high elasticity especially Player Issues.

That's why durability is one of the concerns for Authentic jerseys as well.

The higher the elasticity, the more likely it is to deteriorate.


Perfect to display.

Authentic jersey is functionally better than Player Issue according to circumstances.


Actually, there are many times when the Name/Number and sleeve patches are misaligned because they are attached right before the game, but they are attached and processed at the correct position under the control of each retailer for general products.

Player Issue
Player Issue

The final destination of the collection.

Greatest authority.

Player Issue will not be mass produced because this kind of jersey is just made for actual games, not for sale.
There is also the possibility either a game worn or a prepared one ...

Player Issue

A gem masterpiece.

First of all, absolute number is small because it is not distributed to general sales channel.

Some genuine collectors who have mastered the jersey road look for the piece for their lives throughout the world.

レア ユニフォーム

It's worth a look.

Some of Player Issues can not even be compared with the other class.

For instance,

・a jersey from small club

・A long sleeve one as 2nd jersey

 and the like


so nobody can see them only Player Issue jersey.

And into the heirloom.

Fortunately you could get some Player Issue jersey please frame it carefully and enjoy the value.

Just one piece is enough.

Your life will be enriched if you have it.

We promise that it is a nonpareil that a subtle charm dwell.

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